Roadside Assistance Program


Have you ever seen someone standing by the side of the road with a cardboard sign, asking for help? Stroudwater Food Pantry provides them some help! Our Roadside Assistance Program (RAP) gives paper bags of nonperishable food to people standing on street corners, food that is easy to prepare and eat within their limited means.

Become a RAP Ambassador by purchasing a RAP bag for $5 to keep in your car, and when you see a person on a street corner or at a red light, offer them a bag. Each bag provides 2 days of food and contact information on the pantry for future support. If you have ever wondered how you can directly help the homeless in our community, this is how you can make a difference!

To purchase a bag or two, or to find out exactly what kind of food you can donate to support this part of our ministry, email us at