Host a Food Drive!


The Stroudwater Food Pantry (SFP) proudly partners with local organizations and businesses in the community who host employee food drives to help support our cause.
These drives play a vital role in helping to stock our non-perishable food inventory, particularly around the holiday season when our distribution increases.

**We’ve updated our food drive procedures to adapt to the challenges presented by Covid-19. Now more than ever, we need the support of local businesses and organizations to help ensure we meet the demand of the food insecurity in our community.

If you and your employees are interested in helping to fight hunger, we’re ready to partner with you!

With many people still working from home, our recent food drives have run a bit differently than in the past. Some companies select one person to be the “Collector”, meaning that by a certain date teammates will drop off their non-perishable food items to the Collector and that person will either bring them to our food pantry, or we can arrange to pick them up. We are flexible with what works for you and your teams! We can also provide an email draft (if applicable) for you to send to your employees ahead of the food drive start date with details on how the collection will work.

The non-perishable foods most needed include:

Peanut Butter

As always, if you are unable to make a food donation, monetary donations can be made on our Donations page through Paypal.

For more information on hosting a food drive to support the Stroudwater Food Pantry, please contact our Director, Doug Horner.