Pantry Blog Post 1/13/16

Hi team – This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 25 families, accounting for 65 people being fed. It was a very light week for use, likely due to having served so many people the previous week and also due to the snow storm.  This week our Hannaford pickup consisted of 508 lbs of food. Volunteers included Frank, Angie, Deb, Adam, Laura, and myself.

What’s Next –

  • Our shift volunteers for Sunday the 17h will be Adam and Sheamus.
  • This week we have our first Friday food pickup from the Hannaford, which helps us immensely in closing the food gap we’ve been experiencing with fresh fruits and vegetables lately.
  • This week we will open the pantry on Sunday between 1:00 and 3:00, keeping our pantry doors open two days per week, every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Our new freezer, purchased with a cash grant from Walmart and organized through the Good Sheppard Food Bank, was installed just in time for this week’s Friday food pickup.
  • We have posted to our blogsite the pictures, video, and corporate logo of our first corporate sponsor, Time Warner Cable.
  • This past Sunday we made great progress on the kickoff of our Strategic Planning meeting, our next meeting is scheduled Sunday the 24th.

Thank you everyone who participated in the kickoff of Strategic Planning, and a special thanks to all who stepped up to support our reorganization of pantry operations, and the opening of our doors on Sundays!  — Doug