Stroudwater Pantry Status 2/17/16

Hi Team – Sorry for the late distribution of your Stroudwater Food Pantry Status for 2/17, I was in Guatemala with the mission team.  Last week we served 10 families on Sunday and 41 families Wednesday.  In total we served 51 families this week, accounting for 161 people being fed.  10 new families joined us this week, bringing us to a total of 249 families registered to receive groceries on a regular basis.

The total of our two Hannaford pickups yielded 991 lbs. of food.  Our separate purchases and donations (non-Hannaford) of can foods and dry stores totaled 241 lbs. Volunteers for the week included Adam, Gary & Elise, Sheamus, Anne, Frank, Angie and Jean.

A BIG Thank You to this week’s volunteers, who stepped up and stood in the gap for those of us traveling in Guatemala last week!! — Doug