Stroudwater Pantry Status – 11/20/16

Hi Team – Your Stroudwater Food Pantry had a very busy Sunday with 52 families served for a total of 136 people receiving groceries. 12 new families joined us this week, taking us to a new total of 491 households registered to receive groceries on a regular basis.

Our Shaw’s food pickup and two Hannaford food pickups on Friday yielded a total of 1,626 lbs.; plus the Westbrook Hannaford donated 36 “Give a Meal” boxes weighing 324 lbs.  We received a donation of 16 frozen turkeys and also 50 Thanksgiving dinner baskets, all of which weighed in at 2,350 lbs. The total weight of all food received was 4,524 lbs., meaning more than 2 ¼ tons of food was processed by SFP volunteers this past weekend.  Volunteers included Anne, Adam, Jenn, Sheamus, Michael C, Steve, Karlene, Mike Halkiu, Ellen, Bobby, Tammy, Terry, Angie, and myself.

What’s Happening at SFP – 

  • Thank you Westbrook Hannaford for making what has been their second donation this month of cardboard boxes (36) filled with dry store/can food meals.  It’s part of their $10 Give a Meal program where shoppers pay for the boxes which are then donated for hunger relief.
  • Thank you Maine Marathon Committee for donating $5,000 to the Stroudwater Food Pantry.  MMC raises large sums of cash for a variety of children’s charities like Dream Factory of Maine, the Maine Children’s Cancer Program, and also for Alzheimer’s research.  We will use their donation primarily to meet monthly expenses for dry store foods, but also for infrastructure items like much needed shelving in the storage room.
  • Thank you Cheverus High School for donating 50 Thanksgiving dinner baskets, complete with large frozen turkeys and all the trimmings to make a complete Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Thank you Mike Curran for donating 16 frozen turkeys (which we made into additional dinner baskets).

Thank you Volunteers who on Friday handed out Thanksgiving dinner baskets to people who otherwise would not have had a Thanksgiving dinner.  Over the course of the weekend  a total of 76 Thanksgiving dinner baskets were distributed!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! – Doug