Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 1/08/17

Hi Team   – Your Stroudwater Food Pantry had a busy Sunday serving 56 families, for a total of 156 people receiving groceries. 8 new families joined us this week.  Our Shaw’s food pickup and two Hannaford food pickups on Friday yielded a total of 1,829 lbs.  This week’s volunteers included Anne, Adam, Jenn, Michael C, Steve, Karlene, Rena, Terry, Tammy and myself.

Our Strategic Planning Meeting was held Sunday, January 8th.  We reviewed how our 2016 accomplishments aligned with our strategic objectives; we appraised our growth and reviewed strategies on our growth management going forward.  Much of what was discussed will be covered in the SFP Annual Report that will be published later this month.  We had a very good turnout for the planning meeting, and my special thanks to all in attendance who participated in shaping the future of your Stroudwater Food Pantry!      —  Doug