Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 1/28/18

Hi Team – This past Sunday was the busiest ever recorded for your Stroudwater Food Pantry! A total of 65 families were served, providing groceries to a total of 220 people.  16 new families joined the pantry, the most ever in a single week.

Our supermarket rescue food pickups, plus church donations (78lbs.) and this week’s purchased food yielded 1,996 lbs.  We truly needed that ton of food to serve all the people who came in.  This week’s volunteers included Adam, Ann, Anna, Autumn W, Debbie S, Gary, Jean, Karlene, Laura, Melissa, Michael C, Mike H, Rena, Tammy, and myself.

2018 has started off with a bang!  We closed out January averaging 48 families served each Sunday; we signed up 32 new families in 31 days; the Prayer and Healing ministry was very busy, as many clients have come to learn that at our church they can be fed both physically and spiritually; and most importantly, an army of volunteers has stepped into the trenches to make all this work.  Thank you Team, and may God Bless each and every one of you who volunteered this month!  — Doug

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