Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 9/23/18

Hi Team – It was a busy weekend at your Stroudwater Food Pantry, as we served 48 families, providing groceries to a total of 154 people this week.  8 new families joined the pantry.

Our supermarket rescue food pickups, plus this week’s purchases and donations totaled 2,555 lbs. of food, however; a big part of that 1.25 tons of food came from a special, one time Thursday food pickup from the Westbrook Hannaford that was  coordinated by Karlene.  She pulled together a Thursday team of volunteers that included Anne, Debbie S, Jean, Nikki, Steve, and Wayne and Martha Lopez.  Most of them did double duty, volunteering Thursday and then again on Friday with Greg and Rena.  The Sunday crew included Angie, Cat, Dee, Donna, Mike H, Phil, Rebecca and myself.

Thank you everyone who jumped in and helped out this week with the two days of food pickups, with all the clients who were served, and with all the prayers that were offered!            — Doug

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