Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 6/27/21

Hi Team – For the week ending 6/27 your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 49 families and provided groceries to a total of 104 people. 

Our supermarket food rescue pickups, food donations and purchases totaled 6,394lbs.  Volunteers for this week included Adam, Al & Martha, Albert, Angie, Deirdra, Gary, Jake, Jean, Karlene, Kelly, Laura, Tammy, Zach, and myself.

On Friday the 18th our new walk-in freezer became operational, and today it is used exclusively for the storage and management of all pantry frozen product.  It is filled with food, and we are now able to distribute more frozen meat than ever before! 

As we close out June we assess our progress on the half-year mark; your Stroudwater Food Pantry is on pace to serve more than 4,100 banana boxes of groceries to families this year, a pace that will exceed 107 tons of food distributed this year.  10 tons of that will go to Washington County. More than 60 tons of it will be home delivered to client’s doorsteps.  These numbers are on pace to exceed everything we accomplished last year, and, by year end, your Stroudwater Food Pantry volunteers will have worked more than 3360 hours to make all of this happen. 

Thank you everyone who donated food, or made a financial contribution, or sacrificed time from their personal lives to volunteer to bring your Stroudwater Food Pantry to this point. The blessing you have been to those in need has been beyond measure… and we are only half way through the year.  May God Bless you and strengthen you, and may His blessing continue upon the families whom we serve in His name! – Doug

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