Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 8/29/21

Hi Team – For the week ending 8/29 your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 53 families and provided groceries to a total of 130 people.  33 of the families received groceries through our Last Mile home delivery program.  4 new households joined the food pantry this week.

Our supermarket food rescue pickups, food donations and purchases totaled 6,324 lbs.  Volunteers for this week included Albert, Jean, Karlene, Kate K, Kelly, Laura, Martha & Al, Michell and Matt, Patricia C, Tammy, Wayne and his sister, and myself.

This week our Friday team of volunteers earned a special shout out.  Laura & Adam, and Angie & I, were away this past Friday, but the team made the supermarket grocery pickups, weighed and sorted food, and built boxes of groceries for our Agency partners, and for our home deliveries.  Thank you Team, for the highly motivated, self-directed group of volunteers you are, and for all you do to make your Stroudwater Food Pantry a success! — Doug

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