Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 11/21/21 & Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi Team – This report covers the week ending 11/21 and Thanksgiving Weekend.  During this time your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 307 families and provided groceries and dinners to a total of 797 people. 

Our supermarket food rescue pickups, food donations and Thanksgiving dinner boxes totaled 6,725 lbs.  Volunteers for this week included Adam, Albert, Amy & Jake, Dennis, Ellen & Fred, Erin, Gary, Greg, Jean, Karlene, Kathleen, Kayla, Kelly, Laura, Lois, Martha & Al, Michelle, Rena, and myself.

This month we were graced by community partners who organized food drives and made donations of non-perishable food.  Our food drive partners included Maine Medical Center, the UNE Student Occupational Therapy Organization, the Higher Calling motorcycle club, and SGC Engineering.  Thank you for your generous food donations!

And, once again we were very blessed by the sponsors of our Thanksgiving Dinner distribution!  We received complete Thanksgiving dinner baskets and meals, plus additional frozen turkeys, from Cheverus High School, the Portland SHAW’S Market in Westgate, the Portland Fire Department, and our very own church family at Stroudwater Christian Church!  In total we were able to distribute 115 complete Thanksgiving dinners, and an additional 90 frozen turkeys and pork roasts!      

November is our busiest time of year, a time when we both gather and build Thanksgiving dinner boxes, and distribute, and home deliver, both complete dinners and frozen turkeys.  We provide groceries throughout the month, and we also lay plans for Christmas dinners.  Above all, it is a time when volunteers rise to the monumental challenge of doing what it takes to make Thanksgiving a special holiday for families throughout southern Maine.  Thank you everyone who volunteered this month; you brought the joy of Thanksgiving to families in need, making their holiday special, each in your own way. God Bless you all!!


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