Hi Everyone,

We received this email last week and wanted to share with you all.  Just a testament to how much you are needed, how important your service to the community is and how much our clients appreciate the dignity and respect you put forth. I have taken off her last name to maintain her privacy, just know you all make a difference and are appreciated!


Hi. I just wanted to express how thankful I am for the food pantry. We are
having a very difficult time financially and it just helps so much. And to
be treated with dignity and respect as the people who run the pantry are, is
so important. And the individuals who work the pantry each week are just so
friendly and very easy to talk to. I can’t say that I have really
experienced that when going to other pantries. We have a 4 year old with
autism and I feel so happy when I can even bring home a dessert from the
pantry. It really makes his day. And we understand when the pantry doesn’t
have certain things and what we are offered is very helpful. So please pass
this email on to anyone who might work for the pantry. I just wanted to say
thank you!