Stroudwater Pantry Status 3/23/16

Hi Team – This Sunday was the busiest yet for your Stroudwater Food Pantry; 27 families were served, with 38 families served on Wednesday.  The restructuring of operations back in January is finally starting to yield a load balancing in activity for the days we are open.  In total we served 65 families this week, accounting for 181 people being fed.  10 new families joined us this week, bringing us to a total of 291 households registered to receive groceries on a regular basis.

The total of our two Hannaford pickups yielded 955 lbs. of food.  Our separate purchases and donations (non-Hannaford) of can foods and dry stores totaled 548 lbs. Volunteers for the week included Steve, Adam, Sheamus, Anne, Jean, Gary, Elise, Angie, Karlene, Bill B., and myself.  What’s Next –

  • The Pantry will be open to serve the public on Easter.  Tina and Mike Halkiu have graciously offered to staff the pantry 1-3pm Easter Sunday.
  • Financial constraints have forced us to temporally suspend the purchase of breakfast cereal for the time being.  Cereal tends to be the most expensive of dry stores that we purchase, so at this time we are emphasizing that cereal is the most important donation that people can make to the food pantry.
  • A safe food handling training class is being conducted by the Good Sheppard Food Bank at our church on April 21, 10-12noon. The class is free, and students who pass the test are certified in safe food handling for 2 years.  Right now four people are confirmed to attend and we have plenty of room for others to join in.
  • Our food drive with Time Warner Cable was successfully kicked off on March 18th. We will pick up their food donation the last week of April.
  • Angie and I are away on vacation 3/26 to 4/11, and are back in the pantry Wednesday 4/13. 

Thank you everyone who made this week such a success!    — Doug