Stroudwater Pantry Status 4/27/16

Hi Team – This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 26 families on Sunday and 39 on Wednesday, a total of 65 families, with 196 people being fed.  4 new families joined us this week, bringing us to a total of 323 households registered to receive groceries on a regular basis.

The total of our two Hannaford pickups yielded 1,188 lbs. of food.  Volunteers for the week included Steve, Anne Jean, Sheamus, Johnathan, Adam, Martha, Ellen, Angie, Lois, Bill B., Pastor Bill and myself.  What’s Next –

  • We continue to work on our expansion into the old Nursery area.  A special Thank You to Bernice who moved the nursery supplies and furniture into the new room!  We will plan to move in within the next few days, our first task will be to set up temporary shelving and add electrical service for refrigeration appliances.
  • Tomorrow is our first Friday for dual Hannaford pickups; we continue our Friday pickup in Westbrook and start our new Friday pickup in Falmouth.

A special thank you this week to everyone helping with our ongoing pantry expansion!               — Doug