Stroudwater Pantry Status 6/1/16

Hi Team – This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 33 families on Sunday and 40 families on Wednesday, totaling of 73 for the week with 249 people being fed.  6 new families joined us this week, bringing us to a total of 357 households registered to receive groceries on a regular basis.

The total of our three Hannaford pickups yielded 1,240 lbs. of food.  Volunteers for the week included Steve, Jean, Adam, Ellen, Angie, Dylan, Lois, Rick, Grainer, Sheamus, Johnathan, Martha, and myself.   What’s next –

  • We still have a number of volunteer opportunities open for June that are not yet filled, including 3 volunteers needed for Wednesday 6/15 and 3 needed for Wednesday for 6/22.  I will continue to circulate a signup schedule under separate cover; if you can fill any of the openings please respond by email.
  • Our next SFP meeting will be held this Sunday June 5th at 11:15 following the church service.  One of our topics will be the challenge we face getting volunteers for Wednesdays.
  • For anyone wishing to support the pantry with a donation this week, we are experiencing a shortage of peanut butter.

Thank you to the many hands that who labored this week to give groceries to those in need!    — Doug