Stroudwater Pantry Status 6/19/16

This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry completed the transition to our new Sunday only schedule.  We served 29 families, two of them new, for a total of 97 people being fed.

We also completed the transition back to only two Hannaford pickups per week, both of them on Fridays.  This week yielded 1,278 lbs. of food; purchases and donations totaled 759 lbs., for a total of over 1 ton of food processed for the week.  Volunteers included Steve, Adam, Lois, Sheamus, Tammy and myself.  What’s New – 

  • The Dollar Tree store in the Pine Tree Shopping Center in Portland did a food drive on our behalf; it yielded 346 lbs of dry stores and can food.

Thank you everyone who volunteered your time at the Food Pantry this week!                         –Doug