Stroudwater Pantry Status 6/26/16

This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 26 families, five of them new, for a total of 97 people being fed.

This week yielded our two Hannaford pickups yielded 1,063 lbs. of food; purchases and donations totaled 55 lbs.  Volunteers for the week included Steve, Wayne, Adam, Grainer, Sheamus, and Tammy.  What’s new – 

  • Our clients seen to be adjusting to our new schedule without too much difficulty.
  • We are currently evaluating fundraising opportunities, looking at a city based event in either a summer or fall, depending on conflicts with other city events.  We will keep you posted on this one.

The month of June has been a struggle for us all; myself, Adam, and others had limited availability to volunteer this month. Thank you everyone else who stepped up to help out!