Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 6/17/18

Hi Team – This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 33 families and providing groceries to a total of 108 people.  3 new families joined the pantry this week.

 Our supermarket rescue food pickups, plus church donations of 43 lbs. and this week’s purchased food, yielded 2,483 lbs.  Volunteers this week included Angie, Anna, Cat, Debbie S, Jean, Karlene, Michael C, Mike H, Nicki B, Phil, Rebecca, Rena, Steve and myself.

 We picked up nearly a ton and a quarter of food this week, a good portion of which Al Withee was responsible for when he spied a deal on jelly while shopping at Sam’s Club.  Thanks to Al, SFP was able to buy 648lbs. of Strawberry Preserves for pennies on the dollar (don’t ask me how Al managed to get it all into his car and drive it over to the church!)  Anyway, it was a great find and will go a long way in stocking up on the primary non-perishable food supplies we get to offer to the clients of your Stroudwater Food Pantry!  —  Doug

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