Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 6/24/18

Hi Team – We had a busy Sunday this week as your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 51 families and providing groceries to a total of 171 people.  8 new families joined the pantry.

Our supermarket rescue food pickups and church donations totaled 2,354 lbs., however, we additionally purchased another 2,080 lbs. of food that needed to be processed as well.  Volunteers this week included Debbie S, Jean, Karlene, Laura, Marie, Melissa, Michael C, Nicki B, Pastor Bill, Phil, Rena, Steve and myself.  Mike Halkiu prayed with three individuals during the prayer ministry on Sunday.

 We processed almost two and a quarter tons of food this week, a ton of which was peanut butter.  We were able to purchase a ton of peanut butter from the Good Shepherd Food Bank at a severely discounted price, a big step towards helping to secure the basic staples we use this year for grocery distribution, Roadside Assistance, and the three day food pantry we will operate in Princeton, Washington County next month.

 Thank you everyone who volunteered this week; to everyone who hefted a mountain of food, everyone who served a very large crowd (some of whom were so hungry they started eating their food before they left the church), and everyone who shared a kind word this weekend with some else who needed some encouragement.  You are the people who make your Stroudwater Food Pantry a shining Light in Cumberland County!       — Doug

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