Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 11/18/18

Hi Team – Following a week that was the busiest in the history of our food pantry, this past Sunday was still quite busy with 50 families served, providing groceries to a total of 129 people this week.  10 new families joined the pantry.

Our supermarket fresh rescue food pickups, outside donations, and purchased foods totaled 1,473 lbs. this past Friday. Volunteers for this week included, Anna, Anne, Pastor Bill, Cat, Debbie, Dee Dee, Greg, Jean, Laura, Lois, Nicki, Phil, Steve, and myself.

Additionally: Our fourth annual distribution of Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets was a huge success that exceeded our wildest expectations!

  • Our Thanksgiving Turkey drive originally hoped to gather between 25 to 50 frozen turkeys; instead we received 101!  Thank you everyone who donated so many frozen turkeys to the pantry!!
  • The Cheverus High School delivery team of adults and teenagers braved the Tuesday snow storm, unloaded their truck and carried 90 Thanksgiving dinner baskets into our church – 15 more than originally requested!  Thank you Cheverus High School!!
  • It was hoped our dinner basket build team would build between 25 to 50 dinner boxes – instead they built 99!  Thank you Build Team for braving the storm and doing such a great job!!
  • With so many dinner baskets on hand (and because of considerable complications from the snow storm) the Distribution Team had to distribute dinners both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.   Thank you Distribution Team!!
  • In all, 164 Thanksgiving meals were distributed to families who otherwise would not have had a Thanksgiving dinner!  Dinners went to our pantry clients, to families at the Youth and Family Center in Portland, to families that came to us through the So. Portland Food Cupboard, and to the My Place Teen center in Westbrook.
  • We needed a lot of help to pull this Thanksgiving effort together, and so many people stepped up to help out, including –Al Withee, Anna, Anne, Corey, Pastor Bill, Cat, Damaris, Dee Dee, Donna, Lita, Maya, Dakota, Hannah, Jean, Lois, Otty Merrill, Phil, Rebecca, and Steve.

Thank you everyone who brought us frozen turkeys, provided side dishes, and helped with the massive effort of getting the dinners together and out the door!  God Bless You all, and Happy Thanksgiving!!  — Doug

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