Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 1/13/19

Hi Team – It was a busy time at your Stroudwater Food Pantry this past Sunday; we served 48 families, providing groceries to a total of 135 people.  5 new families joined the pantry.

For the second week in a row our Friday team was kept very busy – supermarket fresh rescue food pickups, outside donations, and purchased foods totaled well over a ton (again), at 2,429 lbs. Volunteers for this week included Anna, Anne, Pastor Bill, Cat, Damaris, Dee Dee, Jean, Laura, Lois,  Mike H, Nicki, Phil,  Sandra, Steve, Tammy and myself.  Mike Halkiu and Clay Waits offered prayer for clients seeking prayer.

Thank you everyone who volunteered this week, the new year has gotten off to a great start for your Stroudwater Food Pantry!  — Doug

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