Stroudwater Food Pantry Monthly Status for July 2022

Dear Pantry Team: Stroudwater Food Pantry Monthly Status

Pantry Building Expansion Project:

  • On July 12th members of the Stroudwater Pantry Management Board met with the Portland Planning Board.  It was a public hearing to assess the SFP conditional approval request to build a new pantry building on Church property.  The city Planning Board approved our request for a building.
  • Our most recent document submission to city Planning requires a significantly updated church site plan.  As a result of several conversations with Planning, a marked-up version of the original document was forwarded to our engineer so he can create a new site plan for the city.  Submission of this plan will be another step in moving our building project forward through city Planning and on to the Permitting and Inspections Board.

Other Items:

  1. In July your Stroudwater Food Pantry built and distributed 504 boxes and bags of groceries to meal insecure individuals and families, in both Cumberland and Washington counties.
  2. On 6/16 Angie, Carol, Jean, and Barbara-Ann built 200 Roadside Assistance food bags.   They are downstairs in the common area for people to take.  Additionally, on 7/16 Angie hosted a Kindness Walk at the Back Cove, where RAP bags were given to participants for distribution.
  3.  On 7/22 we delivered frozen turkeys, hams, chickens and non-perishable pantry supplies to the Milestone Men’s Recovery Center on India street in Portland.
  4. Food purchases – Late July we purchased the following food from the Good Shepherd:  20 cases of spaghetti sauce, 50 cases PB, 8 cases of cereal, 10 cases of Tuna and 8 frozen turkeys (yes, it’s time to start preparing for Thanksgiving Dinners in November!)
  5. This month Stroudwater Food Pantry celebrates its seventh year of operations!  We opened our doors on August 12th, 2015. 

— Doug