Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 9/17/17

Hi Team –This past Sunday your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 30 families, providing groceries to a total of 82 people.  4 new families joined us this week.

Sunday’s supermarket rescue food pickups, plus church donations and this week’s purchased food yielded 2,416 lbs.  This week’s volunteers included Anne, Karlene, Rena, Autumn W, Michael C, Steve, Adam, Shelley, Angie and myself.

This was our second week of four supermarket food pickups; our new, second Shaw’s pickup has gotten off to a good start.  We picked up and processed 1.2 tons of food, and it has helped us address the noticeable drop off in meat donations we saw in the month of August.  Managing four supermarkets is a lot of work, so at some point in time we anticipate returning to three pickups on Fridays, but for now it addresses an immediate need.  Our prayer ministry continues to be a blessing to clients who seek prayer and healing, and this week one client made a decision for Christ, praise the Lord!  — Doug