Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 11/19/17

Hi Team –This past weekend was the busiest ever in the history of your Stroudwater Food Pantry!   A 3-Day Weekend in Review:

  • On Friday we kicked off our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner giveaway, and by Sunday afternoon we had distributed 100 Thanksgiving dinners (turkeys and side dishes) so local families who did not have a holiday meal could celebrate Thanksgiving together.
  • 75 of the Thanksgiving dinner baskets (boxes) were donated to us by Cheverus Catholic High School.  This is the third Thanksgiving they have donated turkey dinners to us.  We built an additional 25 dinner baskets of our own; 12 with Turkeys donated from our long-time friend and benefactor Mike Curran, the rest of the turkeys where either donated by church family or purchased by SFP.  Thank you Cheverus High School and Mike Curran!
  • This weekend concluded the Maine Medical Center “Stuff the Shuttle Bus” food drive.  The food drive was initiated and managed by Chad Spickel, and was run during National Radiologic Technology Week.  It took Chad several weeks to secure the necessary authorizations and to coordinate within the groups of Radiology at Maine Med; the drive itself lasted a week and turned out to be the biggest single food drive in the history of the Stroudwater Food Pantry!  It yielded 771lbs. of food, a remarkable achievement!  Thank you Chad!!
  • Our Church Family Donation for the week was peanut butter, and we received 62 lbs. if it!  Thank you Church Family for your weekly generosity! J
  • All of the above, plus our regular Friday supermarket food pickups, yielded a staggering 6,329 lbs.; that’s more than 3 tons of food received, processed and distributed this weekend!!
  • The Pantry Prayer Ministry has proven to be a blessing and physical healing for clients seeking prayer on Sundays.   On Sunday clients were healed and one client made a decision for Christ, praise the Lord!
  • On Sunday we served 47 families, providing groceries to a total of 150 people.  5 new families joined the pantry.

The volunteers who made this incredible 3-day weekend happen included Adam, Alex, Angie, Anna, Autumn, Pastor Bill, Chad, Dawn, Debbie S., Ellen, Jean, Lois, Melissa, Michael C., Michelle, Mike H., Rena, Steve, and myself.  Thank you, God Bless you all, and may all of you have a  Happy Thanksgiving !!

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Doug Horner