Stroudwater Food Pantry Status – 12/31/17

Hi Team – On New Year’s Eve your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 35 families, providing groceries to a total of 129 people.  7 new families joined the pantry.

Our supermarket rescue food pickups, plus church donations and this week’s purchased food yielded 2,242 lbs.  This week’s volunteers included Adam, Anna, Autumn W, Donna, Jean, Karlene, Lois, Michael C, Rena, and myself.

2017 was an amazing year for your Stroudwater Food Pantry.  We served more food to more people than ever before.  Our Annual Report will be published at the end of the month, but we will have some final year end numbers to share with you in next week’s report.  Everything we have accomplished this year was done entirely through the efforts of our many dedicated volunteers.  Thank you everyone who served and supported your Stroudwater Food Pantry in 2017, and Happy New Year! — Doug

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