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Stroudwater Pantry Status 1/27/16

Hi Team – This was the busiest week ever recorded by your Stroudwater Food Pantry! In total (both Sunday and Wednesday) we served 57 families this week, accounting for 157 people being fed. 19 new families joined us this week, bringing us to a… Continue Reading “Stroudwater Pantry Status 1/27/16”

Stroudwater Pantry Status 1/20/16

Hi team – This week was the kickoff for your Stroudwater Food Pantry’s new days and hours of operation.  We were open Sunday 1:00 to 3:00 and Wednesday 12:00 to 3:00pm.  Although Sunday was a very light day for us, this week in total… Continue Reading “Stroudwater Pantry Status 1/20/16”

Pantry Blog Post 1/13/16

Hi team – This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 25 families, accounting for 65 people being fed. It was a very light week for use, likely due to having served so many people the previous week and also due to the snow storm.… Continue Reading “Pantry Blog Post 1/13/16”

Stroudwater Pantry Status 1/06/16

Hi team – Yesterday your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 48 families, accounting for 139  people being fed.  We had 6 new families this week, bringing us to a total of 179 households that are registered with us. Our Hannaford pickup consisted of 361lbs of food. … Continue Reading “Stroudwater Pantry Status 1/06/16”

Stroudwater Pantry Status 12/30/15

This week your Stroudwater Food Pantry served 30 families, accounting for 92 people being fed.  Our Hannaford pickup consisted of 682 lbs of food. We again received a generous donation from one of our outside benefactors, Mike Curran, consisting of sauce, pasta, soup, fruit… Continue Reading “Stroudwater Pantry Status 12/30/15”

Stroudwater Pantry Update 12/16/15

This week the Stroudwater Food Pantry served 44 families, accounting for 139 people being fed. We also had 3 new families this week, bringing us to a total of 161 households registered with us. We received a generous donation from the Westbrook Hannaford this… Continue Reading “Stroudwater Pantry Update 12/16/15”

This week @the pantry…

This week  Stroudwater Food Pantry served 32 families, 9 of whom were new.  Our donations included a moderate amount of meats  and fresh produce.  Our produce consisted of a very nice selection of fresh fruits, but the vegetables were limited and ran out before… Continue Reading “This week @the pantry…”


Hi Everyone, We received this email last week and wanted to share with you all.  Just a testament to how much you are needed, how important your service to the community is and how much our clients appreciate the dignity and respect you put… Continue Reading “Testimonials”